Modern machinery, constant investments, process improvements

For a smooth, safe and high-quality production procedure, high-performance machines are our most important tool for processing the wood. Our modern and reliable machine fleet makes us well equipped for the future.

Efficient maintenance cycles and constant improvements as well as monitoring the machines guarantee that Ladenburger Holzwerke are ready to perform at all times and across all processes.
Innovative manufacturing and product trends are easily produced on our equipment. At the same time, our procedural landscape is always on the move.

Continuous developments, investments and constant optimisations ensure continuing process improvements – our passion for wood thus predictably leads to the desired success.




Our production facilities work adapted to the relevant requirements in multiple-shift operations. Efficient maintenance cycles and continuous improvements and monitoring of the machinery make Ladenburger ready to perform at all times. Our internal coordination and planning guarantee that confirmed delivery dates and deliveries from the warehouse for our standard products are met.

Wood processing on a large scale means:

bringing product quality, delivery reliability, efficiency and cost transparency into line. Innovative wood processing is the basis for modern timber construction.

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Energy-saving processing and energy recovery

Process optimisation starts with purchasing and finishes in our sustainable way of thinking. We pay great attention to generate our products sustainably, to not waste any energy and use them so they can be recovered. Our heating plant at the Kerkingen sawmill, for example, is fuelled by residual materials from the individual production facilities belonging to the Ladenburger plants, thus providing the heating energy required in the technical drying of wood. A win-win situation for a clean and healthy future.


Energy-saving processing
and energy recovery

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Our production and warehousing processes, our innovative and trendy product management and continuous stock monitoring system make us efficient and guarantee that the latest and right products are always available to you in sufficient quantity from the stock. In this regard we optimise and monitor our inventory and stock turnover at continuous intervals.
As a result, we are able to deliver at all times – at short notice and based on our customers’ requirements.