Minister Hauk is impressed by our plant in Kerkingen

Holzwerke Ladenburger are a reliable partner in the wood industry. That is why the Minister for Food, Rural Areas and Consumer Protection dropped in on our plant in Kerkingen. Our managing director, Steffen Häußlein, guided Minister Peter Hauk, the Bundestag member, Roderich Kiesewetter, and Bopfingen’s mayor, Dr. Gunter Bühler, through the sawmill and processing facility in Kerkingen. During the tour, Hauk also spoke with our employees to gain a comprehensive picture of the activities at Ladenburger.

The member of the Bundestag, Roderich Kiesewetter, was delighted that we also place great emphasis on integration among the employees. Every year Ladenburger trains up to ten apprentices in different professions. In a presentation, Steffen Häußlein also introduced the plans for a new power plant. This is expected to be built behind the existing heating plant. This would make an active contribution to climate protection and the energy transition, as well as being a prime example for the processing of regional round timber as a carbon store with decarbonised production.