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"Piano" Solid Wood Spruce Panels (alternating tongue and groove)

Modern wood construction has become trendy. Materials are required that are optimally prepared, thoughtfully designed and therefore able to be quickly processed for structural purposes. Holzwerke Ladenburger has implemented this concept with its solid wood spruce panels. The “Piano Maxiboard” is fitted to both sides in each panel with a tongue and groove. This allows panels to be easily rotated or inserted into each other. This “alternating tongue and groove” system has several advantages: They can be installed easily and quickly; they are very versatile and are characterized by a highly stable connection. Piano panels also meet the requirement of resource conservation, in so far as they create less waste wood on site.

Three-layer Ladenburger piano panels are extremely stable, statically very reliable and weatherproof solid wood panels, and are also suitable for use outdoors.

And when the panels are needed without ends, that is, completely without cutting, Ladenburger also puts the alternating tongue-groove on all four sides (System Board 600 × 2480 mm). They are standardly available as untreated, and also in white, light grey and window grey. Other surfaces as well as other formats (usually 600 × 5000mm effective measurement) and thicknesses are available on request.


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Any Questions?

Flyer - Piano Massivholzplatte


Flyer - Piano Massivholzplatte

Wood construction product catalog


Wood construction product catalog

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