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Concrete bridge formwork

With us you can build bridges and more!

Conventional wood is limited when it comes to the shuttering of concrete structures. When concrete and wood come into contact, the reaction gives an undesireable sandy-rough look to the concrete surface. Previous methods used for desliming onsite are complex and expensive.

The developers at Holzwerke Ladenburger have found an optimal solution: the so-called "PUR formwork" elegantly avoids this reaction through a factory coating on the wood. In addition, the boards are provided with a double wedge-groove. This greatly facilitates the installation.

PUR-formwork can be used multiple times, thereby amortising costs. This also reduces the amount of time required for the replacement of the concrete formwork on the building site, allowing projects to advance more quickly and reducing overall costs. Finally, the multi-use characteristic helps improve sustainability even more.

Additional detailed information can be found at www.purschalung.de.



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