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Ladenburger LSH

Ladenburger Laminated Wood (LSH)

Ladenburger Laminated WoodIt has impressive features, is dimensionally stable and is available by default in large widths: Ladenburger laminated wood (LSH). Using a patented gluing process that allows for size variations exceed normal levels, Ladenburg is proud to offer this high-quality wood product. Thicknesses of 60 to 140 mm and widths of up to 300 millimetres are no problem for LSH. The advantage to the carpenter is obvious: Using this optimally prepared wood product, he can offer a modern wood and passive house construction.
Putting the aim of a sustainable and resource efficient production of construction timber into action, Holzwerke Ladenburger has created with LSH a material that stands out by its excellent quality and comparably low price. Because we use young roundwood, there are only small branches in the lamellae, resulting in a finer wood structure and consequently a much lower level of crack formation.

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Wood construction product catalog LSH


Wood construction product catalog

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