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Construction Timber (KVH) -
Modern timber needs clearly defined quality criteria

This includes primarily the technical drying to a maximum fixed moisture content of 15% HF. This prevents the need for chemical wood preservatives almost completely. Dry wood also guarantees dimensional accuracy, shape and stability.

Using the finger-jointing method (DIN 68140, ÖNORM EN 385), wood can be cut to almost any length. The individual sections are positively connected to one another, and the surface is planed and chamfered on all sides. Holzwerke Ladenburger offers a large selection of standard cross-sections. This allows for high availability and short delivery times ‒ advantages that make building with wood extremely interesting!

The supervisory agency responsible for monitoring the compliance of construction timber quality standards is Konstruktionsvollholz e.V., of which Holzwerke Ladenburger is a member.


Holz ist unser Geschäft

Any Questions?

Any Questions?

Ausschreibungstexte Konstruktionsvollholz


Ausschreibungstexte Konstruktionsvollholz

Wood construction product catalog


Wood construction product catalog

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