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Roundwood purchasing from sustainably managed forests

For the supply of our sawmills, we require 750,000 cubic meters of roundwood per year. We source our wood from sustainably-managed forests in Southern Germany. Our broad acceptance range benefits forest owners. For more details please refer to our wood sorting conditions.

We guarantee the fast clearance of your timber, measurements according to German standards by our officially calibrated and FSÜ-certified systems, and fair and transparent invoicing. The long-term partnerships that we maintain in roundwood purchasing with our regular suppliers are based on decades of experience, continuity, and trust. But we’re always happy to receive inquiries from new suppliers.

Here you will find our latest terms and conditions for roundwood purchasing.

Your contact person:

Manuel Preis
Roundwood acquisition/complaints
B.Sc. (FH)
Tel.: 07362/96 05-462
Mobile: 0171/ 625 20 96
Fax: 07362/92 05 65
E-Mail: manuel.preis@ladenburger.de
Visiting address: Schneidheimstr. 2, Tor1
73441 Bopfingen Kerkingen
Florian Dietze
Settlement/accounts factory measurements
B.Sc. (FH)
Tel.: 07362/96 05-461
Fax: 07362/92 05 65
E-Mail: florian.dietze@ladenburger.de
Visiting address: Schneidheimstr. 2, Tor1
73441 Bopfingen Kerkingen

Consulting & Sale

+49 7362-9605-0

+49 34341-306-0