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  • Altes Stammwerk Aufhausen (früherer Firmensitz)
  • Werk Aufhausen - Ende 90er Jahre
  • Werk Geithain - Ende 90er Jahre

Tradition and modernity always in view

Old sawmill in AufhausenIn 1938 Viktor Ladenburger Sr. laid the foundation for Holzwerke Ladenburger. The rise of the company was carried out under the direction of the brothers Eugene and Victor Ladenburger.

Since the sudden death of Eugen Ladenburger in 2005, business operations are now carried out under the sole supervision of Viktor Ladenburger and the two managing directors, Josef Mettmann and Markus Hauber.

Currently the company employs 700 people to meet the varied requirements that are placed on wood as a modern material. Production is carried out in Bopfingen-Aufhausen and in four other production sites in Germany.


The original 2-man operation was located in the center of Aufhausen. From these humble beginnings an international company evolved over time. Due to the limited space, it was decided in 1973 to shift production to the fulling mill on the outskirts of Aufhausen. In 1975 a planing mill followed the sawmill, and in 1989/90, in keeping with the progress of technology, the previous frame saws were supplemented by a fully automated profile saw system. The production was optimised in the coming years through further investments. An additional added value came through the expansion of production with dry kilns, finger jointing lines and planing lines. In August 2008, the sawmill in Aufhausen was decommissioned after the new plant in Kerkingen began operations. In addition, the company’s financial headquarters and a specialised wood market are found at the company’s Aufhausen location.


In 1985 a sawmill was purchased by the Ladenburger brothers in Hürnheim in Nördlingen, in order to respond to the growing demand in the construction sector more effectively. In 1992 the Hürnheim site was expanded with a new gate system and in 1996 a timber chipping system was put into operation. Then small-timber chipping system was added in 2002. This sawmill now perfectly complements the Kerkinger sawmill. Customer-specific orders and commissions are cut here.


In 1993 Ladenburger took the opportunity to open up new markets in East Germany after reunification, and acquired an existing woodworking company with corresponding expansion possibilities in Geithain (Saxony) between Chemnitz and Leipzig. This was followed by the expansion into one of the most powerful industrial planing mills in Germany. The downstream finishing (with water-soluble colours or oils) provides additional synergies and increases the added value at the site. Incidental chips are processed into Labu-briquettes and sold for heating purposes in home furnaces. In 2011, a finger jointing line was put into operation at this site. However, a major fire completely destroyed several production facilities on September 13, 2013.


In 2003 the company acquired a wood processing company in Kerkingen. A power plant, drying chambers, finger jointing lines and three joiner facilities are operated in Kerkingen. In 2008, after the acquisition of additional land, one of the most modern sawmills in Europe was put into operation at the Kerkingen site. Following the concept of an integrated site, another power plant, together with heat waning drying chambers, was built in Kerkingen. The company is also actively developing its downstream processing facilities, investing in new jointing technology and a high-performance planing line.


In December 1998, production started on this second Holzwerke Ladenburger site. With the newly added wood composite production in a 12,000 m² production facility, Holzwerke Ladenburger can now meet the steadily growing demand for glue laminated wood and construction timber.

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