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Ladenburger Systemtafel

StudioLine System Panels

StudioLine System Panels Ladenburger system panels for ceilings offer the possibility of a custom ceiling design Room conversions often make changing demands on the ceiling. In addition to pure functionality, the demands for a handsome appearance and livability come to play. The Ladenburger System panel thereby strikes a fine balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Thanks to the common grid dimensions, our StudioLine ceiling grid can be optimally integrated into any device with a grid ceiling installation. StudioLine creates a pleasant room atmosphere, in particular for spaces in the commercial domains or in office buildings. Simultaneously, the acoustics are also significantly improved.

StudioLine Systemtafel – Oberflächen

Flyer - Systemtafel

StudioLINE Systemtafel

Flyer - StudioLine Systemtafel

Any Questions?

Any Questions?

Ausschreibungstexte StudioLine


Ausschreibungstexte StudioLine

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