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Ladenburger Studioline

StudioLine Plus Acoustic Ceiling | StudioLine Solo - Visually appealing

StudioLine Plus Acoustic Ceiling“In concert halls a high reverberation time is desired, so that sounds resound dramatically and the volume of the orchestra and singers will be intensified.” - Versus: “In living rooms, meeting rooms and lounges, as well as kindergartens, classrooms, town halls or training centres, a different acoustic is desired, one that helps promote understanding. This acoustic even determines the comfort factor of those who spend time in these premises.”

StudioLine Plus can help recover the benefits of rooms with poor acoustics, greatly increasing the quality of the room acoustics. Our domestic pine creates symmetry and clarity, with the help of our “Grossglockner” UV protection, your dream home will become your comfort zone. StudioLine Plus was developed under the consideration of classic acoustic principles in order to reduce reverberations and thereby help produce a warm interior sound. With its linear forms, StudioLine Solo embodies a modern and high-quality architecture for walls and ceilings.

StudioLine - Biodiversity

Even though we offer a variety of different surfaces, their technical characteristics remain the same. The visual effect emphasizes the product’s individual style.
Modern production methods allow precious woods such as cherry, oak, walnut or fir to be used in a responsible manner. From one cubic meter of veneer, we produce approximately 750 m² of surface area, in comparison with other methods that produce only 55-80 m² with the same amount.


StudioLine Oberflächen

Flyer - StudioLine

planb 2015

Flyer - StudioLine

SLG Prüf- und Zertifizierungssiegel

Zertifikat StudioLine

seit 2012: SLG Prüf- und Zertifizierungssiegel

Ausschreibungstexte StudioLine


Ausschreibungstexte StudioLine

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