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Untreated Spruce‒ Profiled timber for ecological wood construction

Now a little imagination is requested! With our Ladenburger Profiled Wood we deliver the ideal base for all film-forming, translucent and opaque coating systems.

For this purpose, Holzwerke Ladenburger uses Norway spruce, with its bright, fine structure. The profiled timber is obtained from late-maturing, Nordic sawn wood from the best growth regions. Our customers are guaranteed high flexibility from our large quantity of raw materials in different designs.

Ladenburger profiled wood in Nordic Pine opens a wide range of design options, as both an interior design element and as cladding: let your imagination run free.

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Any Questions?

Any Questions?

Ausschreibungstexte Profilholz Fichte


Ausschreibungstexte Profilholz Fichte

Facades/Profiled wood product catalog

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Facades/Profiled wood product catalog

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