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  • Blockhausprofil Color Lasierend (Tabak) | Keilstülpschalung Color Extra (Sonderfarbton) | Rundprofil Color Extra (Sonderfarbton)
  • Sonderprofil Color Metallic (Aluminium)
  • Trendliner Color Extra (Sonderfarbtöne)
  • Keilstülpschalung feingesägt Color Deckend (Pastellgelb)
  • Trendfuge Color Metallic (Messing)
  • Parallelfuge feingesägt Color Naturklang (Nordic)

Treated spruce ‒ Ladenburger Color designs wood facades

These treated profiled timbers in Nordic Pine are available finely sawn or with planed surfaces for an effective facade design. The boards are made more resistant thanks to their coating, which ensures that the moisture in the wood and the permeability of water vapour are regulated.

Ladenburger Color Silicate ‒ Keimfarben

KEIM Lignosil, the first-ever mineral coating for weather protection of wooden surfaces. The innovation: two to three times longer service life than conventional coating systems.

Ladenburger Color Natural Look

For the Color Natural Look series, the colours are taken directly from nature and incorporated by contemporary methods into a modern paint system. The Ladenburger Color Opaque series allows special architectural design possibilities with its modern colour spectrum.

Ladenburger Color Glazed Finish

Optimum protection through well-pored wood treatment and consistent surface quality through standardised layer thicknesses. Environmentally friendly, because water-dilutable and solvent-free. For indoor and outdoor use.

Ladenburger Color Top Coat

Industrially coated two-layer wood finish allows for onsite treatment that is weather-independent. Ladenburger Color is always available in various dilutions and packaging. Industrial treatment is subject to permanent quality controls.

Ladenburger Colour Metallic

This trendy metallic effect gives your facade a shiny appearance.

Ladenburger Colour Extra

Give your interior and exterior an extra touch of colour. More than 3,000 different shades are available from various manufacturers. Customers may order individual colorations at short notice.

Farbbeispiele der Kollektion Natureffekt

  • Farb Natureffekt
  • Farb Natureffekt
  • Farb Natureffekt
  • Farb Natureffekt
  • Farb Natureffekt
  • Farb Natureffekt
  • Farb Natureffekt

Farbkollektion Natureffekt

Farbbeispiele der Kollektion Keim

  • Farb Keim Referenz 0000 Ebene 26
  • Farb Keim
  • Farb Keim Referenz
  • Farb Keim Referenz

Farbkollektion Keim

Farbbeispiele der Kollektion Naturklang

  • Farb Naturklang Referenz 0000 Ebene
  • Farb Naturklang
  • Farb Naturklang Referenz 0002 Ebene

Farbkollektion Naturklang

Farbbeispiele der Kollektion Lasierend

  • Farb Lasierend
  • Farb Lasierend
  • Farb Lasierend

Farbkollektion Lasierend

Farbbeispiele der Kollektion Deckend

  • Deckend Referenz
  • Deckend Referenz
  • Deckend Referenz
  • Deckend Referenz

Farbkollektion Deckend


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Any Questions?

Any Questions?

Ausschreibungstexte Profilholz Fichte


Ausschreibungstexte Profilholz Fichte

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Facades/Profiled wood product catalog

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