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  • Profilbretter für die Holzfassade SKYLINE Kontrast
  • Spiel mit Licht und Schatten: Holzfassade SKYLINE Kontrast von Ladenburger.
  • Individuelle Gebäudefassade mit natürlich-moderner Ausstrahlung: SKYLINE Kontrast von Ladenburger.

Skyline Kontrast

Unique and customised façades thanks to SKYLINE Kontrast

The design of our modern wooden façades gives architects, planners and customers, a creative boost. You can combine four linings in different widths and depths according to your individual requirements. The facade is designed for vertical installation. Made of rugged Siberian larch, SKYLINE Kontrast comes in eight different colours, or colourless options. UV protection is also available. Upon request, Ladenburger SKYLINE can provide lengths of material to measure.

The "Trendliner Kontrast" and "Trendfuge Contrast" from SKYLINE allow for a strong contrast through a naturally-modern look. The design adds an emphasis to diverse and modern architectural structures, while making a valuable contribution to the building’s insulation.

Weather protection and quick installation

SKYLINE Kontrast is based on a black contrast spring, so that the appearance is that of light, flying strips in the façade. The attachment has an invisible fixing which attaches the spring to the substructure. This does away with unsightly screws, saving valuable time during the installation process.

Additional savings on material usage and time are obtained thanks to its closed tongue and groove construction, which does not require UV-resistant house-wrap. Due to the concealed mounting, the surface remains intact and it reveals less of the surface, meaning it can withstand adverse weather conditions. An additional weather element is the oil-surface treatment for coloured designs and an applied UV protection for non-coloured versions.

Farbkollektion Koralan Holzöl (2 x behandelt)

Farbkollektion Koralan Holzöl (2 x behandelt)

Farbkollektion Koralan Holzöl strukturrau (2 x behandelt)

Facades magazine Contrast Edition

kontrast edition Broschuere

Facades magazine - Contrast edition

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Any Questions?

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Profilholz Fassaden Produktkatalog

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