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Ladenburger Woodcare Products- The perfect protection for wood

Ladenburg offers you a range of care products for your wood.

Massaranduba Oil:

Massaranduba Öl Protection and care of exotic and native hardwoods with a water beading effect. LabuSpeziell Massaranduba Oil is water and dirt-repellent - penetrating deep into the wood, it makes it durable. The swelling and shrinking of the wood is counteracted by LabuSpeziell Massaranduba Oil. The paint will neither peel nor tear and is safe for humans, animals and plants after drying.

Larch/Douglas fir oil:

Lärche-Douglasie-Öl Protects and nourishes wood with water beading. LabuSpeziell Larch/Douglas Fir Oil is suitable for the treatment and care of outdoor deciduous, coniferous and hardwoods. Garden furniture and decking, as well as privacy fences, pergolas, carports, etc. can be treated with LabuSpeziell Larch/Douglas Fir Oil. The oil penetrates deeply into the wood, keeping it elastic. The natural colour is refreshed; the surface is rendered water and dirt repellent.

Wood Brightener:

HolzentgrauerLabuSpeziell Wood Brightener is a special liquid detergent to brush and clean graying wood in outdoor areas. The natural character of unweathered wood is restored, making the fresh, warm colour visible again. Especially recommended for wood decks, patios, wooden facades and similar surfaces. Following the treatment, the wood can be permanently protected with a wood oil, so that wood’s natural colour, now made visible once again, can be preserved.

Green Growth Remover:

Grünlagenentferner Self-acting and deep penetrating removal of green growths of all varieties (algae) with long-term protection against new growths. Reduces the risk of accidents due to slippery surfaces, eliminates visual defects and helps protect the wood’s value.

Biocidal product: Always use caution and read the label and product information before use!

End Grain and Joint Protection:

Fugenschutz To protect end grain surfaces - reducing fading, cracking and bleeding at the end grain - this product is applied with a brush or a spatula. Solvent-free, elastic, fits into any pocket when applying, can be used long after it has been opened. The end grain protection is applied to the front edges of the wood. This seals the wood and keeps it from absorbing any more moisture. Sealing helps avoid wood cracks.

Hardwax Oil:

HartwachsölFloorservice Hardwax Oil is a professional floorboard oil based on vegetable oils and waxes. It is used in industry and in handcrafts, and contains very little solvent. It provides a durable finish to wood and guarantees resistant surfaces. The natural wood is revived and given a velvety sheen.

Wood Cleaner:

HolzreinigerThe LabuSpeziell Wood Cleaner cleans contaminated wood and WPC surfaces. It is suitable for the cleaning of fresh stains such as soot, grease, coal, oil, beverages and foods. Can be applied to decking, garden furniture, screens, pergolas and plastic and paint surfaces. It is odorless and has a good cleaning effect. LabuSpeziell Wood Cleaner is a strong-acting cleaner for hardwood decking and garden furniture such as tables, chairs, benches made of hardwood and softwood for brightening the shade - without damaging the surface.


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